August 2022

How a Criminal Attorney Can Help You Avoid Jail Time and Get Your Driving Privilege Back

DUI Defense Attorney

When police pull you over on suspicion of DUI, they must first investigate your behavior. Impaired driving behavior can include failure to turn your headlights on at night or following traffic signals slowly. It can also include making unexpected or illegal turns, driving in the middle of the road, almost hitting other cars, or suddenly braking or turning. Even if you weren’t driving at the time, your blood alcohol level can still be high enough to cause a car accident.

Whether you can avoid jail time or spend less time in an alcohol program depends on the severity of your DUI arrest. If your alcohol program is lengthy, your DUI attorney may present evidence that can help you get a shorter term. Judges often consider the hardship of the sentence when determining the length of a DUI program, and if you have other determining factors. If you are facing DUI charges, it is crucial to work with an experienced DUI defense attorney.

The statute governing driving under the influence in Illinois is highly technical and procedural. It has a number of loopholes, which makes it difficult to practice in a part-time capacity. This area of the law requires intense daily practice and is not appropriate for a part-time attorney. A skilled DUI defense attorney can help you beat your charges and get your driving privilege back. For more information, contact a DUI lawyer in Chicago.

Stephen J. Feldman, a Chicago DUI defense attorney, is dedicated to protecting his clients from harsh penalties. He has fought for clients throughout the Chicago area and its surrounding suburbs. He is recognized by SuperLawyers as an “Outstanding Young Lawyer” in the area of criminal defense. The results of his work speak for themselves. He will aggressively protect your rights and help you achieve the best possible outcome. You can rest assured that you’re in the best hands.

A Chicago DUI defense attorney knows that every DUI case is different. They will treat your case with care and skill. Their skills and experience help you avoid jail time, a criminal record, and the payment of fines. Getting your driving privilege back is crucial, and an experienced Chicago DUI defense attorney can help you do that. They have successfully represented numerous clients facing DUI charges and have the resources to fight your case. They are dedicated to ensuring their clients’ best interests are protected.

Larry A. Davis is a recognized author, lecturer, and co-drafter of the Illinois DUI code. He has published numerous articles on the subject and authored a book called Defense of DUI. His case law experience has earned him recognition by the Illinois Supreme Court. He is also a co-author of a book titled “Defense of DUI” which outlines the defense of people charged with DUI. It’s easy to see why a high-ranking Illinois DUI defense attorney is essential to your case.

A good DUI defense attorney can find weak spots in the prosecution’s case. Even if you are driving in a state where DUI is illegal, the prosecution can still use the doctrine of actual physical control against you. A defense attorney will be able to find these weaknesses and petition for reduced sentence or license reinstatement. Your DUI defense attorney can also work on your behalf to make your case as strong as possible. There are many benefits to hiring a lawyer.